September 14 and 28


Eye surgery dates.

Let’s see if my edit rate goes down.


One of the 14 and the other on the 18 I assume? I think you’ll be very happy…btw, I just had an eye exam and the hot Dr told me I have something she called pre-cataract something something…she says no biggy, just keep an eye on it (get it? Keep and eye on it? LOL!)


I’m sure you’ve prolly given us some details previously, but I can’t recall. Is this the usual cataract thing, co stitch lens implant deal?


28, not 18. In 2 mumphs, that is an error I will not make.

My partner at work, called out Monday due to a hip problem. Bone spur , and arthritis and needed treatment. I told her - One step at a time. Get it…:smile:


New fake lenses. Laser blast the old ones, suck em out, in with the new. Hopefully no problems. I’ve heard good things.


I did both eyes several years ago. Corrected the astigmas and the horrendous myopia. Like being born all over with eyes. Only need lenses to read now. Can’t say enough.


Meet your surgeon, Hariq Habab.


Just make sure they really remove the old lenses.


I think she’s a Jew.




Good luck.


I think they teach that one on the first day of Eye Doc school.

By the way, I had pre-cataract masses for thirty years before they became a problem.


I would not have pegged you for a catholic.


I’m a Cubs fan - I’d never have anything to do with Cardinals.


Damn, I miss crazybob.


See you in a few days. And better, I hope. :wink


good luck


Thanks, pal. :smiley:


I see what you did there.

Aufwiedersehen, viel gluck an shit.


@A_WellDressedMidget if you can read this thank your Doc