Shouldn't we at least take notice of the genocide in Gaza this week?


Thanks, Trump…you maggot.

And thanks, Bibi…you spawn of Satan.

And thanks, Zionists the world over …and the conscripts you teach to kill Arabs so indisfuckingcriminantly. Fuck alla you too.


I am actually shocked it took the cons so long to fuck things up

over a year


Well Trump was busy taking jobs back to China.


3 buck gas here

I thot the would get it long ago

I mean he sed theOne was a scumbag for 2.30 gas





I’ve been thinking about this all day since I heard Monday’s dead and injured toll on the way to work this morning. I couldn’t post until now.

61 dead and more than 2700 wounded. According to a Human Rights Watch person on Democracy Now this morning, those injuries, caused by sniper fire with very destructive bullets, are designed to cause life-altering injuries, like amputations. The snipers were aiming at the legs of men and boys.

Utterly despicable. Netanyahu should be called before an international tribunal.


Like Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, and others.

What really should happen is that the UN should enter Tel Aviv and dissolve the Knesset and hold new elections as they put a hood over Bibi’s head and drag him off to the Hague.

Not gonna happen.

Also, yesterday while the IDF snipers were wreaking all this carnage on adults and children, another ten million dollars ( the daily allowance ) slid from our bank account into Israel’s.




I dunno, this fits here as well as anywhere, just call it “The Peace Process”


The whole Gaza thing is so abhorrent, it’s got me on my knees praying for the meteor. A shower of meteors.

Human beings do not deserve the planet.