Shrimp etouffee


So Gypsy & I considered driving down to Golconda today for their Shrimp Festival, but then I got to thinking “there’s no shade there, and 3/4 of Pope County voted for Trump… it’ll be lousy bands, warm beer, meth grilles and red MAGA hats… and if they tried to bring shrimp up the river from New Orleans the river carp would’ve picked them over anyway.”

So we stayed home and I made shrimp etouffee.



Nothing better then yer own damn couch


I really can’t stand being around people anymore. It takes a tremendous amount of my mental energy just to get through a regular day.


Yes, I often feel like that on weekends especially.


Even when I sold cars I didn’t like being around people, and sometimes at the end of a day, I would be wrung out (Not so much if I sold a car or 2 or 3,) but sometimes you can talk to people all day not sell anything, and go home feeling like you left part of your soul on the lot.


So many people are incredibly dumb. You know their stupidity and ignorance fuels so much of their thoughtlessness, irritating behavior and bad attitude.

And what can we do about stupid? It’s not illegal.


Looks delicious.:yum:


I don’t think I’m an INTJ anymore. weird…







More like LGHM


dunno what that is

google didn’t help me


Leg humper


I see the week is off to an OUTSTANDING start


Nice try, kids, but Gypsy ate the leftovers for lunch yesterday.


^^^ off topic