SMH - Rat con friend thinks cheeto is not racist and is great guy and not a Nazi


How the fuck can that be?


It’s psychically easier than admitting he backed this d-bag


He’s in profound denial.


you have a rat con friend? Why?


Go way way way back - way way way before sich mattered

more then one


IKR? Some of my mindless High School party hard buddies now act like they’re Barry Goldwater or Raygun even.I don’t interact with them much tho


The fucking crazy part is some of them were a success because of unions and cheeto hates unions and O who supported unions and safety laws was a motherfucker

figure that out


Exactly one of my Buddies became an Electrician did very well for himself even opened his own shop and I think it was his son that came down with conservatism and then got his dad all jacked up, the last time I hung out with Scotty he was ranting and raving about the Union was just a big rip off with it’s hands deep in his pockets, as we are standing by his inground pool in back of 3500 sq. ft house on a small acreage in the country, with territorial views


Same here - unions built a nice house and a vacation house and now they suck



I know of a few Trumpsters but I wouldn’t call any of them friends. lol