Snow Day


Ice and sleety wintery fuct up mess day. I carefully explained to the bosses at work that they should expect to be w/o my services while I stay home safe and warm - reading Sappho, sipping Bourbon.
…or something.


How long do you think it will take to read Sappho?

I dunno what I’ll read but everything is iced up here as well.


I got the whole afternoon - and a large selection of other Lyric Poets so…
…no need to rush through things, cap’in.


Reading Sappho?


Well listen actually - I think they found the recordings.


Did ancient aliens find them?


You know, Lotus. I was just trying to stimulate a little discussion. Had I said I was going to read Blavatsky, or Rig-Veda there would be 12 views and no replies - so I went with what I did.
…and yes - a crashed Vimana was found and it had Sappho’s Greatest Hits in the tape deck.


Me, too. And you’re welcome.


To Anaktoria

Some say cavalry and others claim
infantry or a fleet of long oars
is the supreme sight on the black earth
I say it is

the one you love. And easily proved.
Did Helen- who far surpassed all
mortals in beauty - desert the best
of men, her king,

and sail off to Troy and forget
her daughter and dear kinsmen? Merely
the Kyprian’s gaze made her bend and led
her from her path;

these things remind me now
of Anaktoria who is far,
and I
for one

would rather see her warm supple step
and the sparkle of her face - than watch all the
dazzling chariots and armored
… Hoplites of Lydia.
. Sappho - Barnstone translation