Something for Peachy




Interesting that you’d make it with chifferi rigate. Probably quite nice that way. I couldn’t find any proper fideo so I used vermicelli and broke it into real short pieces.

I think next time I’ll use fettuccine, broken up. Could probably use egg noodles but that seems too Euro.


Which is undesirable because…?

If you like egg noodles in this recipe, why not just use egg noodles?


It’s kind of a Mexican recipe…sopa de fideo.


I make it with macaroni or shell pasta too

Add cheddar cheese and lemon and yummy


It looks like Campbell’s Tomato with some Mac tossed in, but I’m a peasant so what do I know?


The secret is garlic and caldo de tomato


This is closer to how I grew up eating it.


Seems like there are as many recipes as there are moms and abuelitas. Even so, it looks like there are a couple of hard & fast ideas that most everyone observes.

I didn’t grow up with it by any means – I was raised on chili mac which is also pretty variable. But I was introduced to sopa de macaron in Costa Rica, my first introduction to the tomato & chicken combination.


That is how it comes out when it’s made with less water


Exactly Peachy. My mom made it thick sauced with loads of cheese


I lean toward a thinner soup using fresh tomatoes (pureed) and chicken stock…I like to brown the pasta first cause it gets a nutty flavor. And I’m still trying different ways to handle the onion but there needs to be some. I don’t like garlic in this soup lest it become Italian. I don’t care for cheese on it but I’m open to a dollop of sour cream or some avocado slices as garnish.


Avocado, some cilantro…do you spice with any cumin?


I haven’t yet because I have the browned pasta. I think cumin would be nice with a thicker pasta like the elbows in the OP, cause they can’t be browned.

I usually don’t think of cumin except for when there are beans, but I do use it in guacamole, so…


Latin food is very regional, including within a country.

Browning the pasta is crucial in my book, but if you use beef, which my family does…cumin is a great flavor for it. Just a little bit goes a long way. It blends well with garlic and definitely eliminates anything vaguely Italian. Which the cilantro also serves to do as well. Yummy stuff tho.

I would consider sprinkling queso fresco as a garnish, but not too much either.