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Bruce Cockburn

lyrics are in the YT comments


If you’re not sure why Jeff Beck is considered one of the greats, listen to this.

Sunday 3 November 1968 at GRANDE BALLROOM in Detroit’s Original Rock and Roll Palace

Jeff Beck - guitar
Rod Stewart - vocals
Nicky Hopkins - keyboards
Ron Wood - bass
Mickey Waller - drums



Well worth a listen if you are at all into nice blues jamming with Casady and Jerry, man! They start and stop a couple times in the beginning, then get into it, at about 2 minutes or so…

This 13 minute clip is part of an informal jam session that Jack Casady, Jerry Garcia, Spencer Dryden, Jorma Kaukonen, and possibly a few others had in the 2400 Fulton St. Airplane mansion basement in 1968. Thankfully it happened to get recorded. This particular chunk features Casady, Garcia, and Dryden. Enjoy!


Jerry and Jorma do battle on this cut.

2400 Fulton Street
October 28, 1969
Jerry Garcia
Jorma Kaukonen
Jack Casady
Mickey Hart
Spencer Dryden




These are fun clips. I’d seen them a few years ago. Not reaching the same level of awesome as, say, Moby Grape’s “Grape Jam” which actually got an album release and is still a must-have album. But still, I had a great time checking these out.



Today’s the fourth anniversary of Jack Bruce’s death. Finding this clip is one of the reasons I love YT.

Here’s the makings of a killer blues power trio.



I just hope when I am 70+ I can still tear the roof off the joint.



Everybody wants to rule the world.


This guy’s an interesting picker…


So, do ya like the blues?

Give Joanna Connor and her Band a listen.


For best results, play loud…



Infectious little fucker, isn’t it?