Sometimes you just have to share




Missing Delores tonight


One of my favorites from being bored at Grandma’s house when I was but a little sprog




This is a fun take on Not Fade Away, with one of yer all star casts.


This gave me a chuckle, if you like Scottish dialect sibling banter, give it a go.




Nice tune, give it a listen if you want some mellow or melancholy, or just want to zone out for 10 minutes.


Same thing, only different,







Muy bueno


This is from a BBC concert in 1965 or 66. The whole set is about an hour, it’s on YT in one piece, and while it doesn’t catch them at their acid-tinged peak of a few years later it does give a flawless, perfectly engineered picture of how magical the four of them were together.




Dick Kniss, their steady bass man. Always in the shadows, always impeccable. Like Bill Lee, Spike’s dad who toured with Odetta a few years earlier. After PPM, he worked with John Denver for nearly a decade. Died in 2012, age 74.