Sometimes you just have to share




Dick Kniss, their steady bass man. Always in the shadows, always impeccable. Like Bill Lee, Spike’s dad who toured with Odetta a few years earlier. After PPM, he worked with John Denver for nearly a decade. Died in 2012, age 74.



RIP, Dick Kniss, may your beat go on.


A frothy sort of “crossover” indie/pop ditty from the 90’s, I stumbled on this “remix” a few days ago, nice beat with pretty people smiling and dancing like you and I are watching.

OK, earworm tag, you’re it.


The Jackie Chan scenes are from a movie called “Kung Fu Yoga”.

I shit you not.


I thought that was Jackie Chan, but I got confused by the Bollywood staging.


Because for many Muricans it’s both Memorial Day and Decoration Day.

Hint: Blind Lemon’s grave is near Wortham, TX if anyone’s going that way.




Christ, I hope not!



Love me some Don Williams. Like Tom T Hall, Ferlin Huskey, Hoyt Axton and Jim Reeves all rolled up into one. Six months as the #1 single for this gem.




in my defense, not enough sleep. 'nite. :kissing_heart:


Just one more, for now. Gots to get a shower in before bed.




Think this is from TAS season 5


An old Jazz/Blues/Funk Classic from the 70’s that a fave radio station used to play at 5 every Friday.