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stranger than paradise


Sorrry, this isn’t spooling well for me. I recommend you follow the link directly to FB and watch it there. Copy and paste, remove the spaces from "face book. and “com”

https://www.face book. com/ PS22Chorus/videos/1533147873496006


Were these “Pop Tarts” perhaps possibly preternaturally prescient?


Not a song, but a feel.


(sniffle) I saw that.



Never heard of these peeps before, but this was playing on the radio as I eased out of my Coma this morning, I dug it man.

The intro has an EDM vibe, but it settles into a funk soul jazz groove




One of those groups that was never that high on my play list as a young rock n roller, but when I heard it again the other day i was reminded of how “heavy, or spiritual” this particular tune by Alan Parson’s seemed to effect me for a little while back in my Navy days when it was on heavy rotation for a particular period of time…


IKR? I didn’t WANT to like the APP even though AP had good cred as a producer and “electronic pop” dude…but the Eye in the Sky album hooked me big time.


Dude was an engineer on Abbey Road and Let It Be before he was even 20.


This is enjoyable - srsly



56 years ago today, assassins gunned down my president. Phil Ochs wrote a song about it, not a bad job really, but this is the song that best captures my feelings in the aftermath of the JFK killing…even though it’s a different president in a different century.

This is a collaboration between Norman Blake and Tony Rice, recorded in the seventies. Blake wrote the song, and their collaboration makes it a masterpiece.






Paean to a grain silo