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Warren Haynes sits in with the DMB.


No tricks, from 1946



Sorry if this is a quadpeat.


Lennon, you say?





Look at all these slave masters posin on yo dollar


The Videos Rancid doesn’t want y’all to see.



Why not?


I just stumbled across this group on a yt safari…apparently they were huge in the early 70’s during the military junta period in Brazil and were seen as a protest against the oppressive era.


The Ballad of Danny Gatton

Rare video of the Dec 31, 1978 recording of Redneck Jazz Explosion at the Cellar Door in Washington, DC. Buddy Emmons on steel guitar. Gatton’s interpretation of Rimsky-Korsakov’s opera classic.



So, I’m a little ocd on some things like songs/videos i like as an example…I stumbled into Arcade Fire’s song, Sprawl ii several years ago and have probably listened to the various versions of it oodles of times over the years, and I am pretty sure I have posted a version or two of Sprawl ii in this thread.

Here is a cover of that song from some kids I’ve never heard of before, imho they knock it out of the park.

YouTube candy

Featuring Aidan Knight & The Friendly Friends
Video by Mitch Fillion (Southern Souls)

Thanks to José and Lily

Hey Ocean! live performance 2012


Pretty together considering it’s about ten people playing.



Dr Funk tones out.

(Looping is kewl)