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Muy bueno


This is from a BBC concert in 1965 or 66. The whole set is about an hour, it’s on YT in one piece, and while it doesn’t catch them at their acid-tinged peak of a few years later it does give a flawless, perfectly engineered picture of how magical the four of them were together.




Dick Kniss, their steady bass man. Always in the shadows, always impeccable. Like Bill Lee, Spike’s dad who toured with Odetta a few years earlier. After PPM, he worked with John Denver for nearly a decade. Died in 2012, age 74.



RIP, Dick Kniss, may your beat go on.


A frothy sort of “crossover” indie/pop ditty from the 90’s, I stumbled on this “remix” a few days ago, nice beat with pretty people smiling and dancing like you and I are watching.

OK, earworm tag, you’re it.


The Jackie Chan scenes are from a movie called “Kung Fu Yoga”.

I shit you not.


I thought that was Jackie Chan, but I got confused by the Bollywood staging.


Because for many Muricans it’s both Memorial Day and Decoration Day.

Hint: Blind Lemon’s grave is near Wortham, TX if anyone’s going that way.




Christ, I hope not!



Love me some Don Williams. Like Tom T Hall, Ferlin Huskey, Hoyt Axton and Jim Reeves all rolled up into one. Six months as the #1 single for this gem.