Sometimes you just have to share


I really was fascinated from more of a cultural athropological point of view. Music wasn’t too bad either for what it is…


"angels have no thought… my hours are slumberless"
quotes sampled from Billie Holiday’s “Gloomy Sunday”


I can’t stop shaking
my hands won’t stop shaking
my arms won’t stop shaking
my mind won’t stop shaking



Doo woppish


Timeless classic as relevant af




I’ve been havin’ dreams
Jumpin’ on a trampoline
Flippin’ in the air
I never land, just float there
As I’m looking up
Suddenly the sky erupts
Flames alight the trees, spread to fallin’ leaves
Now they’re right upon me

Wait if I’m on fire
How am I so deep in love?
When I dream of dying
I never feel so loved

I’ve been having dreams
Splashin’ in a summer stream
Trip and I fall in
(I wanted it to happen)
My body turns to ice
Crushing weight of paradise
Solid block of gold, lying in the cold
I feel right at home



Fifty years ago yesterday afternoon, a shitload of people got to hear Santana for the very first time. You can hear the LSD. Carlos was 22, his drummer Michael Shrieve was barely 20. This clip will live forever.



Is there anyone Jack Bruce hasn’t played with?