Sometimes you just have to share


I was working a menial repetitive job right out of HS when Synchronicity came out, and the radio was playing King of Pain maybe once an hour and it was driving me nuts. I had to buy the album just so I could read what the damn lyrics were so I could know what it said.

Ended up loving the whole thing, except maybe Stuart’s weird scream about his Mother.


I thought that was Jim Morrison?


My favorite band of all time.


For Apey, noone else need be tortured by this


Odd I don’t recall hearing that song, although I probably did at some point.


The rest of the album was quite good. Murder by Numbers was my 2nd-fave, my fave was Wrapped Around my Finger


I’m afraid I missed the boat with the Police, due to the sappy stalkerishness of their early hits. I didn’t really figure out that Sting was a heavyweight until this.

Then I had a bromance with Sting for a few years. But I’m unaware of his having done much of relevance in the last 2 decades, even so.


I liked Dream of the Blue Turtles just fine, but after that Sting kind of morphed into a “Look how evolved I am, Look!” charicature to me.


Before I get into tonight’s discussion about Jihad on America The Great Satan, Let me share with you my award winning interpretation of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face.


I hope everyone knows who Cockburn is.


Little known fun fact, he stole my Penthouse Forum Letters pen name.


He of “Why should the devil have all the good music” :wink:



So. Apparently the record producers didn’t want ‘Bring Me To Life’ with just Amy singing, to girly. So against her objections (she was a n00b of only 21) they brought in the guy to rap on it. The result in my opinion is bangin’ awesome.

But she re-did it her way a couple of years ago. Forget what you know of the original and try to listen with fresh ears. I think it’s the same vocal track but I am not certain of it.

Speakers on 11 recommended



I’ve always liked Amy but rarely have I felt she needed strings, overproduction or most of the other stuff she always has. I’d love to produce an album for her though.


TBH I thought of this as a curiosity. I’d actually listened to the Synthesis album on one of my flights to Europe and decided I didn’t need to own it. I did like this as an isolated piece but still prefer the original. Sorry Amy, I guess I am a Trog


Never heard of her, before they just played her on my local jazz station.





Are any of you watching the Ken Burns “Country” music series on PBS?

I’m recording them all and saw the first one. Good stuff people.