Sometimes you just have to share


I’ve heard this Hiland guy before,not a fan. Here ya go…


Mason? yeah, fluent enough in the style of an Albert Lee or a Ray Flacke…classic chicken pickin. Where’s the new?


At least Mason doesn’t just plain suck like the HIland guy, new usually ain’t better. :stuck_out_tongue: The Monte Montgomrey guy is pretty awesome.


Now now, kids, no fighting no biting.

Q: How many guitar players does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Five. One to do it and four to say they could have done it better.


Joe Effing Bonamassa feat John Hiatt.




A bit ‘weird’ at first, but strangley beautiful and melancholy…

Give Harry a chance he warms to the task. Imo.


what a super beautiful chick and talented too, she has it all


Cute and engaging, but I got bored half way through. Partly I don’t care for her voice or teh way she’s miked, not that her chops are bad. Also, LOL @ “stripped down version.”


A love supreme, a love spurpeme a love supreme…


Worth a isten, even if it does get a bit discordant and too sharp in the mid section. Intro and outro, sublime.


Some 17-year-old kid and his 14-year-old twin brothers.








That big feller on the left, he’s one of The Dead South guys.


Homeless in America.

Whoa, hey I believe in freedom, as long as it’s done legally!


Mom 1928-2018 RIP

(Gazillions of songs about Mom’s I just remember this one being on the air around a significant time in my Mom and I’s relationship. Mom’s are the best. Even if it isn’t always smooth sailing)