Soo Good-Don't Read Before Lunch


Folks will :roll_eyes:@LR

Nothing tops a piece of scored and properly grilled or broiled Polska Kielbasa. You can’t beat the flavor of fat and salt and crispy caramelized kielbasa.:grin:


What kind of catsup do you prefer?


I like to slice that kielbasa diagonally, about 7 or 8 mm thick, brown it in a skillet, and then saute it with sliced onion and green pepper. At the end, I wring out a bunch of crispy kraut and dump it in the skillet, add a couple dollops of sour cream to hold it all together, mix well, and eat it inside some pocket pita.


Thankfully, I don’t eat that stuff.


Good, that leaves more for me.:grin:

I try to limit myself to once every two or three months.


That sounds pretty much like how I do it except that I don’t use the sour cream or pita. I will try that, it should be great.


Grey Poupon