Squirrel proof bird feeder


A squirrel will beat the pictured feeder faster than you can say “balance beam”.


How is a squirrel going to defeat this if it is high enough?:thought_balloon:



I’m australian and even I know they can beat all that shit on a 20m pole. It’s like some of you have never seen a goddamn squirrel.


7 seconds - Did you get dropped on yer head again - I try to be nice - I really do


I know, and this isn’t even the first or second thread we’ve had here about the little bastards.


Squirrels are our official spirit animals.


I thought it was otters.

Though maybe showy tree rats are a better fit.


Not all of us




You know how rats and stuff have super short lifespans but super high heartrates?

I had a theory that you could slow your heartbeat and prolong your life. Turns out cardio keeps you alive and can’t just reach biological immortality by becoming a sloth.

Saddest thing I ever learnt. Thanks trump.


Some of you may recall my claim that an English brown squirrel is prominently displayed in the crest of my family’s coat of arms, and indeed there are some very squirrelly characters in my family tree as well.

But I’ve previously suggested as our spirit animal the Malabar giant squirrel (Ratufa Indica) and no one seemed interested.



That’s one inbred looking rat.

Is that one of the qualities?


Not particularly. There are four subspecies, differing mostly in color scheme, that tend to be area-specific, and since they are not migratory they tend to reproduce within their own subspecies.


Thanks for the whoosh.



You mean they can tight rope walk?