St Lorenzo Church and Fountain of the 7 Virtues, Nürnburg



Outfukinstanding. You on holiday?


Yeah, I took this yesterday. I hope you didn’t look too closely…


Gorgeous fountain. I did notice where the water was coming from, don’t know the context. Any explanation?


The fountain was a celebration of humanism, not religious virtue. That’s all I got. :grin:


The holy piss… the bible is full of piss drinking…


Um, those are breastesses, not peeners.

Jesus never peed, okay?


Closely enough to note a good deal of sag, considering the age and maidenhood of the Virtues. Can’t get much of an arc that way.

(hides in tent)


good idea

though one might guess they wanted the water to fall into the fountain


If we don’t get some support here people are going to think we’re nuts.


The one on the side looked like it was pissing… the bible is still full of piss guzzling… read the story about how Jebus gives the lady a drink at the well… of his “living waters.”


See, Trump’s golden showers fetish just means he’s a good Christian.