Strongest Stuff



I’m wondering, and you may have said and I forgot, but what method gives you the biggest punch in terms of a high? There’s smoking, bongs, vaping, edibles, topicals, oils, shatter, budder, hash (I couldn’t remember what you call it when you use that stuff), suppositories, phoenix tears, etc?


Probably dabbing some oil/shatter.


Bong hits.


I was trying to calm my head last night and hadn’t smoked since my wife passed Monday and with the cold I have I did the worst bong hit in history. Smoke went everywhere in my kitchen but into my lungs.


Yeah don’t do it unless you know how


For the most sedative effects the crockpot coconut oil process is the way to go, heat converts most of the THC to CBN which can be very narcotic like. If you’ve ever seen old weed turn a golden color it’s because the thc in the trichomes/crystals has converted into CBN and will give a more narcotic type high but here it says it’s non psychoactive. .


I might have to try that. I use my vape but I don’t find it fucks me up as much as I’d like.


you can take your already vaped weed, if it’s properly vaped and not burnt, and make coconut oil, tinctures, etc.


Whats the deal with this “live resin” they’re selling here now?


They chop the fresh plant, freeze it, then do the extraction, it will come out a lot stickier and terpier/stinkier, and usually lighter colored oil, but also probably less stable. You need a rig to smoke it or you could probably drop some on a hot knife! Putting some on a joint is nice too…


Oh some places seem to be using CO2 as a “product” name as im a preroll coated in CO2, I’m assuming they mean a co2 based extract?


I do save the stuff that isn’t too brown (not burned).


If you’re to smoke after a long time away from the stuff, I’d suggest something less strong, like a joint. Dabbing might send you into a bad trip or something like that.


I don’t like smoking because it affects my workouts. After a while, I can’t breath as well when working hard.


C02 is one of the gasses some of them use for extraction to extract the oil, so it’s probably coated in some C02 oil… some of them use butane and it’s commonly known as BHO which is probably most common, if you simply press the oil out with a little bit of heat and pressure like I do it’s called “Rosin.” If you soak the weed for a few minutes in everlear or ethanol and then evaporate the alcohol off it’s called “QWET” or Quick Wash Ethanol Extraction Tech I think it is. I can see where it could get confusing for the consumer… I’d sell my stuff as “HASH OIL” hahaha