Sunrise In The Gorge


"Sunrise in The Gorge"




Columbia Gorge is quite photogenic.

This one is mine, from Crown Point:



Same location as MR Hamburgh’s pic, and gazillions of others


Looking upstream, does that make it a rising gorge?


I have Mrs Zuckerberg on the phone and I am filing a complaint right now!


Like, if you open a German pension B&B there, dude, it’ll be a gorge zimmer, man.


If that place got into the WWE, it’d become Gorgeous Gorge.


Couple years ago it was Gorge Burns.

(too soon?)


If it had an insatiable appetite to learn stuff, it would be Curious Gorge.


Is all that shrubbery around it the Gorge Bush?


If it wrote societal commentary, it would be Gorge Orwell.


Kinda like the Gorge at George, but not in the best state.


When it flows into the sea on an overcast day, it is Gorge and Gray See.


The south shore is Gorge Oregon.

The north shore, of course, is Gorge Washington.


Earlier today overlooking The Columbia Gorge Hotel, hmm about 40 miles or so up the gulch.