Tasteless but still funny





A prostitute recently had a colostomy done.

Word on the street is she has a new job making money on the side.


I can’t believe that no one thought mickey making swiss cheese with his dick is funny




OMG - is that original - can’t be


It supposedly was made before he started making stuff for kids.


I will have to try that


Stinky cheese alert


And all this time I thought Walt was only into Furries and Cosplay.


go figure


Extra creamy


Everybody is a commedian.


Did you know R Kelly had a chance to be a professional Hockey player?

Only problem was he never wanted to score after the first period.




I never thought I’d be in the world of competitive long-distance ejaculation.

Now look how far I’ve come!


A dyslexic hooker just offered to cook my sock for $20.


When my Hindu girlfriend told me she wanted me to give her a facial, I nearly came on the spot.


I hope death is a woman.

That way, it will never come for me.