Tattoos Are Not Cool Anymores



WTF? These people are giving tattoos a bad name!


I thought tats already had a bad name.


I don’t think that Billdo is going to be to happy about this.:grin:


Not really anymore.


Depends on where, who, and how.


I don’t care, I never got the slap on fad style tattoos anyways and don’t show mine off. They were nice to have 25 years ago when only people like musicians, sailors and criminals had them. Was thinking about getting a pot plant backpiece though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Tattoos are art around these parts.


My senior manager, who makes $250k a year, has tattoos from his fingers to his chest.


They allow that in the military?


Sure, I’ve seen a couple NCOs with hand tattoos.


A great tattoo artist can make unlimited cash.