Telecaster Overhaul


Well, they don’t last forever. If you need to replace it and you were happy with the one you have, drop a new one in.


The one on there is working ok, I might replace it along with the volume pot if I can ever get the knobs off the guitar, they’re the ones with the small screw that tightens them on and they’re like welded in.


A drop of penetrating oil on a toothpick…Some tapping…Rest overnight…More tapping…The right screwdriver. Otherwise ya end up having to drill them out and replace the knobs too.


Got my bridge saddles this afternoon, deconstruction has begun… the rest of them came off easy, even one I thought was going to be thee problem, then I got fucked by the D-string saddle…


Finally got that bastard off… ended up using two pairs of pliars… pushed it out enough to grab hold of it by the back and used the other pair to turn the saddle… surprised I didn’t scratch it up more.

Anyways fucking Fender, I’m going to weigh these new bridge saddles vs the originals… the new ones feel like they weigh half as much.


I was wrong, the new one weighs .6 of a gram more.


So I shielded it earlier, never done this to a guitar before, sloppy job but it seems a little quieter… Also I cleaned the pots by spraying some alcohol in them and turning them.

Put the new bridge on, action is a little high but not awful, I need a merican hex key set to tighten the truss rod… just a little partial of a turn… but I have the intonation setup much better than it was using a Chromatic Tuner android app. It was painful for me to play it before.


Guitar sounds nice and plays ok but the action is a little higher than I’d like, I turned the truss rod and took some of the relief out of the neck this morning but of course that caused other issues and I’m going to have to loosen it up a little…

So I’m thinkin it’s beyond my skill level, needs the frets leveled, neck adjusted, maybe shimmed. I think I found The Dude this morning, a couple hours away but probably worth the drive… he had a CL ad up for his home shop and it was pretty impressive.