Texas Shooting


After which I would thank him for his service.


I have to deal with this in pieces.

These problems have been going on before old white guy ran things and extends far beyond white guys running things. I’m happy to keep this in an American context if you prefer but I’m not sure I agree.

I understand the patriarchal power struggle extends beyond as well but I’m not sure which piece you are specifically applying.


I’m not sure I understand your post, but two things:

  1. Old white guys have ALWAYS run things.
  2. I’m speaking of the US but I’m pretty sure that’s true pretty much elsewhere except when the old guys are tan or yellow.


That’s my point. There’s no such thing as an old white brown guy.

But the old white rich guys aren’t the ones shooting up churches.


Looks like they prefer country western concerts.


The exception isn’t the rule.


Old rich guys don’t usually do the shooting, Starling. And when they hire it done there usually isn’t an audit trail. That hardly means they aren’t involved, though.


I’m in agreement with you until here.

Although I agree that this problem is far more complicated than gender, it is predominantly (98%+) a problem plaguing men. Women have the same ability to access firearms as men do in the US yet they aren’t committing mass shootings. Although it’s possible, it’s not happening while we are seeing an increase in men committing these crimes.

When looking at crime, we look at three things - motive, means and opportunity. Access to firearms only satisfies the means. Rather than focusing on the how, we need to look at the motives. Those extend past military service, trauma and poverty.

In reading about the actions of terrorists, who generally commit or attempt to commit acts of mass murder, experts have identified a general hatred for society, a sense of not belonging, lack of connection to society, hopelessness, frustration, and a feeling of impotence. Some of these traits are seen in those exhibiting signs of mental illness as well.

If we couple the above feelings with the prevalent behaviour of men not seeking medical, emotional or psychiatric supports, it’s not hard to see how shit can go sideways very quickly.

To conclude this post, I think the problems extend far beyond power, military, and gun control. This is further supported by those who opt to mow down people with cars rather than shoot them with guns. The means vary but does the factors that drive motive really change that much? I don’t think they do.


Of course not but how is it they are able to recruit young men to do their dirty work? Is it because young men are looking for belonging, direction, a role model, and to curb their feeling of impotence as I just outlined? I’m going to outright say yes.


What if he just hates those cans?


No, but more mature men have the potential for growth but not all of them do.

If you didn’t write the script, then smack the person who is peddling that nonsense for me please.

It is what it is. It’s human nature.


Mass shootings ARE exceptions, Starling.


Fair enough but violence commited by men isn’t.


And Lion, there have been over 300 mass shootings in the US this year alone. Exceptions tend to be one offs not an everyday occurrence.



Yeah, simple math explains that.:slightly_smiling_face:


They are almost a daily occurance in the US. Do you really see them as “exceptions” these days? Exceptions to what exactly?


No troll, dog. I’ve expressed my view. Some folks just don’t like someone expressing what should be their view better than they do.

…but if you had been you know that I was not trolling anything, but rather holding back the flood of irrational manhate with rational analysis.

PS to Spoon: I’m glad you started to pick up on the discussion I had anticipated in an earlier post (military aggression relation to domestic violence - domestic having multiple meanings) but you left off far too quickly with no resolution.

I am encouraged…
…I am encouraged by the women coming forward and exposing people who have abused them - though I should not like to see witch hunting or emasculation of the male population result, but rather the restoration of respect that should naturally be accorded women in a healthy society. …and not because they are as good or equal to men at man things or develop attributed that are masculine, but because they are valued for being female and contributing the things that women do in balance with the masculine elements.
If women only seek equality in “being” the same as men then the unhealthy imbalance we are already experiencing will only be amplified.

I’m encouraged, if the reports are true, to hear that women are elected in larger numbers than ever, because frankly, I trust them on balance, to consider the good of the people in a community before profit and power. Men’s explorative/outward-looking instincts need to be tempered by female instincts toward family and security.

This country’s history of theft and acquisition has been fueled by male aggression, and I doubt that most would be willing to undo history and its many atrocities if it meant losing all the material advantage we have, but with that comes the domestic disturbances we are struggling with today. We don’t need expansion today. Who could argue for it? …but you can not simply undo what millions years of biological evolution have produced. You can not love fire because it cooks your food, gives you light and heat, helps you shape your metals, but complain it needs a fundamental makeover when it escapes the hearth and burns your curtains.
Women, with the support of sympathetic men, need to continue to step forward and assert themselves, but not by taking a testosterone bath and competing with men on their field of play, but by tempering and balancing the masculine w/o diminishing it.


Damn - I almost forgot:


Speaking of Obama,