Texas Shooting


Relax everyone, the shooters a white guy.


Now you can’t pretend you din’t mean it - which might have let you save face a little.
Too late now.




I’m like a rare Orchid.
just a person who knows what they want, and what they don’t.
…one or the other.



for* not why


And then I heard he shouted “It’s OK to be White”


Didn’t mean what, exactly? Didn’t mean what I said? Yeah, I did mean it, CJ.


Undecided. Thinking about Vasque Taku GTX.


Uh, aren’t those Uzbekistan made?


See…'cuz, a lot of people would have taken a moment to think, like they might have right from the start, then realized how stupid a comment it was and sought to divorce themselves from it. I thought that might have been what you were doing there.


Okay, CJ Gump.


Everyone can relax now. God and Trump will take it from here.


I feel slightly guilty because I want to dismiss the “too soon” sentiment. I think people are just getting angry shootings/killings are far too common place and people just want it to STOP. I’m hearing people frustrated that not enough is being done to prevent these needless mass murders.

I’m not asking you to answer this or calling you out because I agree that our thoughts and prayers are owed to those who are affected but when do people get to demand change? You guys seem to hop from one tragedy to the next. That’s a lot of time to call “too soon” foul.


There is no longer a “too soon” with this mass shooting crap, imo. We should do something about the proliferation of guns and the Murican gun culture, and we should start yester.fucking.day.


Exactly! It’s being swept under the rug Time and time again.


I should have used the sarcasm font. My intent was simply to avoid all the familiar troll bait Lotus was slinging, so I elected the familiar platitudinous dismount favored by ammosexuals and the pols owned by the gun lobby.


Ah, yes, that’s an incredibly unique approach compared to my hackneyed “blame all men” troll. You get two gold stars for that.


Thank you. :innocent: