Texas Shooting


You may disagree with the thrust of my analysis, but I don’t think a legal law will do that either.


Where is the FATHER?


Ask mom.


You mean she never told you? That’s harsh, sorry bruh.


I love how men always seem to like to blame women for all the wrongs in the world that they commit.


I didn’t see that happen, aside from Midge’s tr0all.


Really Norm? Ya gotta poopoo on the one time I whip out my cheek and give it back? :smile:

Seriously though, Doc isn’t the first guy to blame women for male bad behaviours. Hell, I remember the boys in my Power Mechanics class getting in shit for their constant name calling, refusal to allow me to participate and outright sabotaging my projects with “well she shouldn’t be in this class” as if it was my fault they were little assholes. We hear it with rape cases with women being accused of being sluts or dressing provocatively, etc. It’s said in domestic abuse situations where the women should know better than to mouth off.

It’s a re-occurring theme whether it actually happened here or not.


Oh, well, then that’s fine. But why are we bothering with topic headlines? :rofl:


Point taken. :slight_smile:


“Unforgiven” epilogue

“Some years later, Mrs. Ansonia Feathers made the arduous journey to Hodgeman County, Kansas to visit the last resting place of her only daughter. William Munny had long since disappeared with the children… some said to San Francisco where it was rumored he prospered in dry goods. And there was nothing on the marker to explain to Mrs. Feathers why her only daughter had married a known thief and murderer, a man of notoriously vicious and intemperate disposition.”


I’m not blaming women. What I am saying is that when you abdicate your responsibility under God’s Law, by which I’m sure you understand me to mean the Laws of Nature, because that is what I mean, then you can’t simply wash your hands of unpleasant results and lay blame elsewhere. You might as well blame gravity when you hurt yourself jumping out of a tree.

You and Lotus said there is a man problem as if all men were to blame for these events. That isn’t my view though I would agree to the point of saying that we have an imbalance of male and female energy here, but
I would hasten to point out that through social movement and “revolution” women (some anyway) have enhanced that condition rather than re-balanced it. That’s what happens when equality is twisted to mean entitled to all the same qualities of being, sameness in activity and impulse as the persons seen as an oppressor, rather than claiming a rightful acknowledgement and appreciation for one’s natural instincts and talents.

Spoon is preparing something which he will unveil over the coming weeks was it? I’m hoping he includes some of the mechanisms by which we enable indiscriminate violence against our neighbors. He might point to the correlation between a nation’s military aggression and domestic violence, or the high degree of mobility which separated families and weakens community. But in the end the common denominator for those things, the lack of boundary where acceptable behavior is concerned, and lack of concern for every member of community, is a lack of stabilizing energy and an abundance of expansive/male energy.

Come on, ladies. You take your share of responsibility, unless you would like us to believe you are weak, put upon, damsels in distress and no more. We are all in this together. Time to put down your trolls.


I hope this isn’t terribly off-topic. It showed up this morning in my FB memories from 2014, and seems to me to have some elements that bear on this discussion.


Yes you are.


Well it was two women that pushed him over the edge it seems. :slight_smile: (just playing devil’s advocate.)


Doc or the shooter?



both? :stuck_out_tongue:


When a wife and baby beater who shoots up church dies, I hope to hell Satan is a really a woman.


I’m sure most of the people at the church strongly support(ed) the 2nd amendment.


Can I ask something?

Would it matter if they didn’t?