Texas Shooting


Just ironic that’s all and there’s that whole live by the gun, die by the gun thing in their bibles…


I must have missed that chapter in Bible studies class.


No I am not. Not exclusively as you are blaming “men” collectively simply for being men. If this is the society we’ve created then we are all responsible for its condition and its reformation.
…and if a law…was going to fix it, one of the who knows how many, would have fixed it by now.


Doc, the one thing these mass shooters damn near all have in common is their gender. This transcends race, religion, education level, social background, age, etc.

Do you not think that maybe we need to take a good hard look at our men folk and try to figure out WTF is wrong? Do you not think we owe your gender at least that much?


I’ve been doing that, Starling. You are wrong to think the problem lays exclusively with men. If it is a societal problem, it isn’t exclusive to a single segment thereof. If there was a drug epidemic among teens, or a device addiction syndrome, would you be frowning and pointing a finger at teens and saying we have a teenager problem and they aught to fix themselves. No, at least I hope not. Something very fundamental has been thrown out of balance, and I am closer to it in understanding than any fool that thinks a simple law will fix it.

Furthermore, Starling, I am giving women the credit they rightly deserve for being the positive formative influences on a healthy society. You seem to be saying women are helpless and just along for the ride.


As someone who has done exactly what you describe for a living, that is EXACTLY what you do. If we identify a problem with teenagers in a community, we develop programming that targets teenagers so we can encourage accessing services that will help them. We don’t expect them to fix it themselves without the necessary supports.

You’re not really doing that, but again, in working on teen programming, it was very obvious that the big hole in the equation for young men was lack of positive male influence and role models. There’s only so much women can do. We need MEN to step up and be part of the solution so that up and coming adult men stand a chance.


I did not search, copy and paste this for my health, you know, Starling. (this is where one misses Big - he would understand the essential meaning in those words)

PS: Treating symptoms does not effect a cure.

I absolutely am.


Giving boys solid male role models might be the cure. It definitely shows promise.


I think that is very important. (what I have asked is where the men are going - they aren’t all war dead)

PS: I hope we haven’t a woman problem in our society.


Where are women shooting up 50 people in a shot? Where are they running over crowds? Where are they unloading in churches?

Your exceptions don’t impress me Doc. Sorry.


I clearly said NOT ALL MEN commit these crimes. But, clearly, they are all committed by men (mass murders, I mean). I also was clearly trolling your “all Muslims are evil” troll. Snap out if it!


Sweetheart - I was exposing you ridiculous “what percentage” troll for what it is, but I’ll have to get back to you later on why “men” does not equal “muslims” in any analogy. I’ll say it again - all I ever ask from the poster is consistency in philosophy from one subject of debate to the next. Of percentage matters in the one case then it must matter in another.

Glad to see you’ve sobered up. Next time I suggest you slow it down, please heed my advice. :wink:


Not that it’s always true - Liz Bathory.
Coffee time is over. :wink

Have a great day.

PS: your argument fails because it seeks to deny what is essentially male and essentially female.


I’m not equating them. I am pointing out the fallacious nature of your argument, that’s all.


All mass murders are committed by men. Not all men are Muslims. All mass murders are not committed by men who are Muslims.


It’s more like 98% of all mass murders as there have been a couple of women who have killed or participated in some way, shape or form but close enough to all IMHO.


Muslim MEN commit these crimes too. I’m pretty sure I made the point when I said, “This transcends race, religion, education level, social background, age, etc.”

We are talking about men who commit these crimes and the need for the male gender to step up and help be a part of the solution. So far, I have seen you attempt to throw it back on women rather than accepting it’s MEN who need to step up here and help deal with a problem that seems to plague MEN.

Do you not want to help your brethren Doc?


I just learned another fun little fact about things that men who commit mass shootings have in common - a history of domestic abuse/violence.

I guess now we know what happens to the women who try to deal with these animals.



Why do you think that it would make a difference?

If I did what I would really like to do I would have to live with my having done that. It would be better to simply hang the POS or put him in front of a firing squad.


Also, none of them have been NRA members. :grin:@Starling

By the way, the guy who took the shooter down was a NRA instructor. Just sayin’