Texas Shooting


The psychotic, criminally insane should be incarcerated. Those are the people committing these crimes.

Only the truly violent and insane should be incarcerated, however.


Does this mean that you support teaching little boys about the teachings of Jesus?


You think people like this have a conscience?

Interesting but do you think that’s relevant to the current discussion? We aren’t talking about gun control (for once).


How do you know they are psychotic/criminally insane? They usually really nail it down when they go on shooting rampages.

Men are notorious for not seeing doctors, nevermind addressing mental health issues. I’d put that on my list of things men need more support in doing.

Again though, these guys have histories of domestic violence. In this case, the shooter was incarcerated for it and he still did it. Jail alone isn’t a solution to damn near anything.


Jesus himself was a pretty righteous person so I don’t object but he comes with religion tied to his ass and I’m not sure that’s always the best option (Jesus is also a prophet in Islam eh).


And Muzzies are waiting for Jesus to return, just as Xtians are.


I think this whole man bashing thing is getting out of hand. Over the past couple of days you and Lotus have gone from a 1.5 inch tapered sash trim brush, to a 2.5 inch general purpose brush, to a 4 inch brush. And your paint can is just about empty.

I hope it’s been fun for ya, and I think you’uns may have succumbed to the Midge troall at some point but I wasn’t really attending carefully.



The latest shooter was carded by the Air force, as well as others. Somebody dropped the ball. He was wrongly allowed to buy a gun.


Just an observation:

Men grow up seeing the football star as being the one who gets all the girls. They are indoctrinated into believing that superior status and skills is the route to getting the girl(and parental and peer approval). They grow up believing that being superior equates with being a man. They need this as well in order to deal with their fears of being vulnerable with another human being.

Therefore, a younger, uneducated man sees getting help for mental health issues as being self castrating.

Hey, I didn’t write the script.:slightly_smiling_face:


Men see emotion as a weakness, and therefore fear it.

Think about that for a second.


No, but it was a funner to post.


No, of course not. I do things for myself, no one else.


That explains why they hide it. It’s because of competition with other men, which sometimes gets violent. They know that men who show vulnerability get picked on.


… by those who fear the thing within themselves.


How is stating FACTS about mass shooters and social issues plaguing gender “male bashing”?

Honestly Norm, I expect a response like that from Doc, not you.


So you think only younger, uneducated men don’t get mental health help?

If you didn’t write the script, then smack the person who is peddling that nonsense for me please.


Link, please. To MY posts. The ones that weren’t meant to point out Woody’s faulty logic.


I think you set the tone for your countertroll very nicely in Poast #4, Lotus. I hardly need to go further.

Tone, my dear.


Yeah. That’s not a post that wasn’t intended to point out Woody’s BS. FAIL.