Thanks Boro - yer employer kills yer travelers - Boeing Withheld Information on 737 Model



It’s gonna turn out that those sensors, or the internal altimeter that’s probably part of that particular black box, is some kinda Chinese junk that Boeing outsourced. Cause Merka doesn’t make shit like that anymore.

I had a dream last night about “fly by wire” stuff and how it can hiccup and kill ya while ya watch but can’t take the fukin controls .

So now today the FAA has grounded the max 8 and max 9 and trump is taking the credit.



Thanks Killary!




A lot of the 737 stuff is Honeywell, Fluke, and other smaller US aerospace companies.

I know for sure a lot of the cockpit electronics are Honeywell. (My NCO is an engineer there and keeps laughing about the 737)



Honestly, 2 in 350 crashed. Not a bad rate. Lol

I have full confidence of the Max 8.


They getting any closer to finding “the fault”?


Nothing new through our web.


Only 2

so the peoples don’t count - try 300+


Dat plane is a flying fucking coffin


Aren’t they all?


The fucker goes nose down even if auto pilot not on



Oops, looks like Trump’s petulant govt shutdown has caused a five week delay in IMPORTANT SOFTWARE UPDATES TO THE 737 FLEET.

The border wall was more important, I guess.


Butter emails?