The Barbarians are at the gates release the noxious gases!


And probably even less common in Meso-America


Maybe they wouldn’t be storming the gates if we were prepared to accept asylum requests instead of tear gas.


IKR? I am not an extreme vetting professional, but I just don’t think it includes defensive military tactics.


Trump is way over competency here. And Boro continues to defend him.


The Trump admin didn’t meet a quota of about 60k refugees so far in 2018. It’s allowed about 23k in.

This admin hates all immigrants. Funny in a nation where more than 99% of the population descended from immigrants.


Maybe because they’re not letting criminals in? :man_shrugging:


Boro should watch the TV show Versailles to see how politics really works


Tear gas police riot control and spacial evacuation, not military


Probably because they hate immigrants. There are refugees from all over the world.

Refugee does not equal criminal.


More circular logic. They wouldn’t BE criminals if we prepared for their arrival, which we knew was coming.


Oh, we prepared for their arrival


Not the way the immigration laws are written.


Look out, we got a badass over here.


I’m a big boy now, soon I will be allowed to shoot to kill a 13 year old throwing rocks. Oh boy, I can’t wait. That will make me a real man.


Look out, we got a limp-dick old man over here

Just spitting fax :man_shrugging:


Go pick out some old people and fuck with them - see what happens

they have nothing to lose - this is the only edge one needs


And I’m not afraid of dying. So what’s your point?


My fucking point is you think there is nothing behind the eyes


Not about you, kid. Don’t be dense.


If you’re willing to go to the wall, over a difference of opinion, you might be heading for a bad end.