The Barbarians are at the gates release the noxious gases!


It was illegal according to international law to put up this sort of barricade against asylum seekers.


It’s also illegal to enter the country illegally, so


Not to seek asylum, for the 50 zillionth time.


I know Boro understands this, so clearly he just being a douche.


Let’s go with the douche part - yeah, that


Pretty hard to sustain any other conclusion here.
When the roll is called up yonder, he can stand with the entire US chain of command and splain to Jesus wtf he was thinking.


Will CC single him out like the scene from FURY - instead of the SS guy would it be Boro


Just a philosophical question that has nothing to do with this thread: Are you afraid of living your life as a paraplegic? Life is existential. Death doesn’t even exist.


On Friday a 26 year old Mother fell off the border fence and was impaled on rebar right in front of her 2 kids ages 5 and 3.

Pic unrelated.


Deputz celebrated her injury at that other board.


Sounds about right.


Except that’s apples and oranges considering tear gas leaves no permanent reminder.

It’s a temporary area denial weapon… it doesn’t kill people.

What would you rather do? Separate women and children, throw them over the border, kick em back through the c wire… what?


How many of those tear gassed were on American Soil v. on Mexican Soil?


How many people were saved from becoming illegal immigrants? :sunglasses:


It take it no one here has seen the heathens attempting to attack border officials and breaking down fences and so forth… storming the border. That’s riot behavior which warrants a riot response. IE tear gas.

But that’s okay, you can stay ignorant. :slight_smile:


Do you even know what the border is? The Border means US Authority ends there at that line in the sand.


White supremacist Nazi fucks don’t care bout no lines


Are you calling me a white supremacist nazi fuck?

Cause you are the fascist, controlling one here… :wink:





Exactly what is the going rate for such a walk - dirty and hungry and sich