The Barbarians are at the gates release the noxious gases!


If it’s in a meme yanno it’s foshizzle.


So why didnt they go to Texas? Seems a lot more intelligent of a route, dontcher know

Are they hoping California doesn’t uphold the law, and they know Texas would?


So tx does federal law now

must be a 5th Reich mod


Are you 100 % sure none of them went to tx?


California is more welcoming than shithole Texas. That’s why.


Oak confirmed it.

They expect California not to enforce the law.


They expect California not to treat them like animals - to be humane. Unlike the racists sob’s in Texas.

That’s what I confirmed.


Certainly not CC law


Why would you look at this, from Brownsvilles own Newspaper.

Because Google is hard.


He’s just as susceptible to the MSM as anyone else.

I’m glad to read about these fine individuals in Brownsville. I applaud their humanity.


Exactly just because Tijuana is getting all the press, doesn’t mean it’s the only game in town.


Don’t be glad until see if the diuretics and diarrhea ingredients work - they gotta be their if it’s texas


Well, there are good people in Texas. I was brought up by Texans, I think I turned out ok.


My Dad’s side of my family came from Texas, my GG Grand Father Fought in the Texas First Rifle Calvary during the war, and later rode with a militia type outfit going after jayhawkers and injuns. He was a product of his times and environment.


I mean cool story and all…but how is this relevant? Lol


It’s called a convo, they happen in threads sometimes. You should check it out.


Rarely do people here not argue with me so :man_shrugging:


I’m sorry kid, I will try to include you in as many conversations as I can, buck up lad you’re among friends here, theoretically.


I’d call you all my friends, at least.