The Gangsta Gardner



I’ve heard him on NPR. He’s great.


I’ve posted this guy a couple times in the past, was just out working on mine…

Here’s some Oak leaf lettuce, growing slow because it has been cold but should take off quick with the warm weather. That’s just 1/4th a bed and it will be a lot of lettuce…


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Well, I’m out of the gate with my 2016 crop. Germinating 6 seeds, but no sprouts yet. The weather took a turn so I have my little terrarium rig under both lights a heating blanket. I’m sure their going pop anytime now. The heating blanket has an auto shutoff switch, so I’m going to run out to the hydroponics store today and grab me a real seedling heat mat.


I like shellac on my maters - it goes with the plastic plates from 30 years ago - the TV dinner ones - the ones that have the cult following and sell on ebay fer 5 bucks apiece even thou they are 30 years old and scratched up


The TV dinner plates, Pics?


They have a cult following - they are best plates ever - Been using them every day fer 30 years or more

fucking 30 year old used plastic plates sell easily

current bid 21 dollars - they will go for more


Are they Melmac? Those are the ones that fetch the big bucks. Indestructible. Sets from the 50’s are still in use and look as good as the day they were bought.


I don’t know - maybe - prolly

L_B sez they are poison to eat off of


Nah, they are gold. LB just don’t like your plastics and such. They still sell them at Walmart and Target so they got to be safe.


L_B said (If I recall right) that motherfuckers gotta be crazy payin 5 bucks fer a used 35 year old plastic plate


This garden guy is a socialist -


Meh who cares, I was mostly disappointed that he didn’t do any of that gangsta rapping all the kids are into these days.


Dog sez socialism is evil and garden planting all over hell is evil cause it’s socialism - Same thing right?


Well Dawg is a self avowed know-it-all, so yeah, this guy must be luring these poor kids into eternal damnation and stuff.


LMAO. Of course!


Are you going to bid - you know you want them


Melanine has been around for 70 years. Next to acrylic there is no safer Plastic. Eating off of ceramic or any stoneware is far more dangerous. Get with the fukking times lady. You can’t stop progress.


I would like them, but it’s already up to $30. The collectors have priced me out. I just want them to eat off of.