The Official CBT Comical Cats Thread




OK, maybe it’s not all that comical, but where the hell else am I supposed to post it?

When I was a kid this guy on my paper route had an Ocelot, you know that one guy the big Asian looking dude with the hot American Wife, The guy that danced around the living room lip syncing along to Bobby Darrin songs.(OH yeah, when the shark bites, dooby dooby doo wah wah wow!) He had one. I was there collecting one night and see a cat out of the corner of my eye, and don’t pay it any attention, as I finish the receipt the cat rubs against me, let me tell you there is a difference between you average house cat rubbing against your leg and a savage wild beast from the jungle, that cat felt like a solid coiled muscle.



Spooker used to leave every time I open a door or a screenless window

He could be sleeping under 3 pillows 2 rooms away and be out in milliseconds if you opened a door







I was going to open a can of cat tuna but b4 I did I was going to start a timer on how long it would take the black cat to come from two rooms away

elapsed time = zero

he came b4 I ever opened the can

fuckers are physic fer sure








Won’t somebody please think of the Kittehs!



LMAO at that one