The Rich Kids of Tehran flaunt their incredibly lavish lifestyles



Hot Persian girls, I’ll take a harem of them.


One wud do ya in

Back in the day this bar had an Iranian girl dance - I think she must made 500 bucks just at the lunch crowd

She used to put cherries in her pussy and guys would suck them out

Simply the second most beautiful creature on earth - the first was at a root beer stand in Chisholm Minnesota


TMI, honestly.


About the root beer stand - sorry


Yanno, one of the most desirable vintage cars is the Benz 540K AutobahnKurier of the mid-late thirties.

Only six of these beasts were produced, and only three are still known to exist. Two of them have excellent provenance, have never spent a night out in the rain, etc. The third one showed up in Iran in the sixties in a barn. It had been sold to a Persian oil prince who gave it to his teen sons to drive around the estate, which they did for years until it shot craps and was put away, a total roach coach by then.
Some collector spent over a mill to put it back together using parts remanufactured or harvested from other junked 540 (non-Kurier) cars. And it’s on the circuit now, looks good in shows, but it’s not original and only has at most 60% of the value of the others.

Kids with too much money…whatcha gonna do?


Not me, Lotus. It isn’t Naturale either.


Interesting that you are confident enough to declare that second part.