The Wall GoFundMe edition


Over a mil raised

How many people could have been put up in houses or fed


Well he had to close his foundation, a con man needs a cause to con for.


Hey, at least the Americans that are signing are letting us know the names of the stupid people.


Exactly, this will just make it easier for the FEMA Relocation Squads when they get activated.


walls don’t work, seriously. i saw a documentary


This fucking retard get his legs blowed off and then tries to help a draft dodger - fucking wrap yer head around that

This guy is the 2nd biggest asshole on the planet


many a war has been decided by nothing more than a game of rock, paper, scissors. a true leader knows that ladder beats wall - sun tzu


6.3m in two days so far


Proof of what an evil place it is - a flash in the pan - an evil country - pure fucking evil - none worse in histroy


Will that bring the gimps extremeties back?


I love how it’s $7 million and it’s still only a dot on the line. LMAO.

Maybe they’ll start to appreciate “socialism” and taxes after that…




Maybe it can go into the Trump Foundation.



I’m telling ya, they might just start appreciating “socialism”. This fundraising could be a good idea in the long run.


House approves 5.7b for wall


Well sure, TRUMP knows technology better than anyone. He knows more than generals, too.


This guy sounds like he’s right out of central casting for a usual Trump Cabinet member suspect



He coulda started a GoFundMe to help his fellow amputee vets

But then he wouldn’t be raising fucking $15 million by now would he