The Wall GoFundMe edition



Doesn’t GoFundMe rake 10% up front for their “service”?

Are that giving that back, too?


They should donate the 10% to OAC. Just for the lols.


to the ladder funding













An even more useless endeavor… a fcking FENCE lmao

Voted for by Democrats and Republicans alike


Republican majorities in both houses. Democrats were still the mindset at the time to work with the other party, to their detriment. Republicans abandoned that mode of governance in the early 90’s.




Sometimes people build walls, not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to tear them down.


Chuck and Nancy spit on and refused DACA because they hate Trump.

Must suck to be that blinded by hate.

Democrats Politcians don’t care about immigrants. The only thing they care about is “sticking it to Trump”


Takes two to tango, Sport. This is the same offer Trump sent to congress a month or so ago, that went nowhere, is Trump incapable of processing and digesting new information?

And he calls himself a deal maker, I wonder what his real deal closing percentages are?


Enough to make him slightly richer than if he just put his money in a savings account lol


Actually they ran the numbers, if he’d gone the savings route he’d have about 3X the wealth he has.