The Wall GoFundMe edition





Self Pwnt!



Nice :sunglasses: nothing like ensuring Border Patrol jobs! How many people will they kick out because they thought digging under the border was part of the asylum process? Idiots I tell ya… lol


POS troll is trolling. The answer is of course zero.



Make America gag again


Israel, arguably has one of the most secure and heavily defended borders in the world, and they are always having to deal with tunnels bypassing the border.


What else could be done with 5 Billion Dollars?


But thems other things is soshilisms!


I’m curious when wanting people to abide the law ever became “pos trolling”.


You know why you’re a POS.


Why am I a POS? It can’t be about this, because there’s nothing shitty about wanting immigrants to come, but to do it legally.

Now that you’ve started this off-topic shit talking, please, explain yourself.


It became off topic when you interjected your POS troll.


It’s been fucking splained - A poor immigrant with no skills has a better chance at winning the fuking powerball 10 weeks in a fucking row then gaining citizenship


Thousands of immigrants have got asylum this year. :man_shrugging: I’m all for expanding intake centers.

For every dollar that goes to a wall, a dollar should go to help create a better immigrant intake process.


Explain? There is no POS troll here. I’m on topic.


And the asylum rules are being changed as we type - fucking google it


I’ve explained it to you too fucking many times, POS. I doubt I’d get thru to you this time.



Even Kelly said today in the LA Times that until we deal with our drug problems here and help Central America develop, the border and illegal immigration will continue.

WTF havr I been saying forever?

Until we adrress root cause issues, the fucking wall isn’t even an expensive band-aid. It’s a Trump vanity project for his stupid fucking supporters.


You’re not wrong, and in one of few times, we agree with eachother.

I believe the wall should be built, and I find the faux GoFundMes funny, but drug trade, and lack of a good intake systems are way above on the “need to do list”.