They're # 1, They're # 1


That’s what they’ll be saying in less than 7 minutes of playing time.
“No Shit?” you say. Fact
Cats down to Johnnies at home by 7.
Cavaliers caught Fla St finally.

St John’s is the best really bad team in the nation after having beaten Duke last week.

It’s alllll oooover. It’s allll oooover. Almost. :cry:
Virginia closes out. Cats back to within 3 with 52.5 on the clock.

1 point deficit with 25 seconds on the clock.
LAST PLAY - :22.0 2nd - VILL
Personal foul on Mikal Bridges
77-75 - Johnnies ball - TV Timeout. 2.7 seconds remaining.

Not to be, friends.

79-75 final.
Got to get ready for Butler. The good thing…
My vision was a 23-2 record.


…and right I was - as Cats take down Butler after 3 consecutive loses at their hands. 86 - 75. Big performance from Donte.

Nova also avoided their first back to back loses in over 4 1/2 seasons.

Virginia/V Tech early evening to decide #1.




Mich St stuns Purdue 68-65.

Virginia up next.
Who’s watchin with me, huh? Where the basketball fans?

Virginia out fast up 8 but Tech battling back. 13-11 with 11+ in the 1st.
You want me to link you - just say and I’ll do it.

Tech on 11-0 run and 3 up through 11 minutes.
OMG now 17-0 run. What’s happening? about 8 on the clock.
We’ll see how this goes by the Half, but UVA is not a team built for big comebacks.

Just a little aside here - Ponds scores 44 as Johnnies with 3rd straight. Can they make it through to the Big East Tourney finals and capture an NCAA birth - then run to the final 4? It’s quite a thought, isn’t it?

Cavaliers working hard cut it to 4 with 22.2 remaining to Half
OOOOOOOH! a big 3 ball by tech sends them smiling into the locker room 7 up.

OH KNOES! Tech dropped the ball - Cavs lead by 3 in OT, 3:30 to play.

Tech not quitting - 54-54 with a little over 2 to go. It isn’t over yet.
Another 3 by UGinia. 57-54. Under a minute now - VT Timeout.
VTech game but can they come back from these heavy body blows one more time?
Slipping away now, folks, but WAIT, back to a 1 point deficit and now take the lead with 6 seconds in OT. WHOA! Down 60-56 they score 5 unanswered!

AND WIN IT! 61-60 - another correct prediction by me.

Now here is going to be an interesting ranking Monday.

Does, Virginia nonetheless leapfrog over Cats. Do the Spartans vault to #1 - Does Xavier move up? Let’s not rush Monday, but I can’t wait to see the voting.

PS: and let’s not forget Cincinnati, who plays today.


What’s this thread about?


Overpaid slaves entertaining their white masters.

…I guess…


New Rankings:

Note the RPI difference in the top 3.