This humor thread has gone to pot


A little boy asked mom how he was born.

Well son, your dad and I took a little seed and planted in the ground, we watered it and took care of it. After some time a plant grew out of the ground and started to grow leaves and soon the plant grew a sweet little bud.

We took the bud and smoked it and we got so high we fucked without a condom and that is how you were born.


Don’t be a poosy, just say no to dope.





“Come on just breath, keep it chill, are we chill? Oh yeah we chill!, just act natural”


She’s preventing forest fires!











This is the pot humor hallucinogenic sub-board.


You bet it’s hallucinogenic… Emporium and Mervyn’s are things that don’t exist, you’re seeing things man


Nordies isn’t doing all that well these days either.


Just roadside attraction stuff.



(Sorry if this is a repost, I just walked by my neighbors house, and was overcome by 2nd hand reefer smoke)





Please tell me this is real. Commander Chris is my hero. Until I just said those words it never got home how true that were.


The devil’s lettuce