This is for you, Bromo


It’s worth tearng yourself away from selfies and you car for 20 minutes. Watch the whole thing!

And here’s a bonus.


We need to leave the ME.


Hey, @Borommakot, did you watch?


I didn’t even realize this was s thing till now.

I’ll check it out later, I s’pose.


That what was a thing?


Realized how long they are… not gonna watch lol.

FYI, I didn’t join out of patriotism


Not too many really do.


never said you did.


Then perhaps, with me telling you, you’d realize that the end goal of what we do is irrelevant to me.


So you don’t care what kind of wrongs you do to people or for what wrong reasons just as long as you get your paycheck you’re cool with it? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve never wronged anybody.


If I remember correctly, all I’ve done was help people.


That’s good, remember that before you just shoot some women and kids in North Korea for donny dump just cause you’re scared.


As of now, there’s no orders being dropped to an invasion of NK.

Don’t get ahead of yourself.


Bannon said (surprisingly) a couple days ago no military solution to NK. Today 4 Star General Kelly fires Bannon.