This is why the GOP wins


Yes, they didn’t believe in democracy. I’m glad we an agree on that.


It’s what all your whining and wailing boils down to

Same retardation in colleges and young parties everywhere.

They don’t call it communism down in Venezuela either.

But it’s just the same fucking bullshit as always.

Just look down at your tent towns. Dementia everywhere, zombies clawing the door of Supreme Court, purple haired tardos hassling old men in public streets, the tail trying to wag the dog, basically.

And you’re right. You’re not calling for communism. You’re calling for pure parasitism sponsored by the state and the people willing to actually work for a living.

And don’t try to guess anything about me, you’ll fail miserably.


How is your sex life Rancid, are you getting any lately?


Why, are you offering? Sorry, don’t swing that way


I’m not guessing a damn thing. I would have to give a shit. I don’t.

You’re just a redneck from Brazil.

You couldn’t stay on topic. You went from the “People” will prevail to falling on your face when I stated the facts about the last election. So, you’re on a communism rant now.

You’re a joke.


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Seems like you give a shit enough to answer, too


And you’re using the usual deflection of not being able to refute one single thing I said by attacking my words.

Doesn’t get any lamer than that.

They’re gonna wipe the floor with you dems in November. Is that on topic enough for you?


You were talking about the people prevailing. You deflected with your “communism” rant, child.


Yeah, obvious. You know nothing.

You should worry about the shithole you live in and not me.


What people prevailing, woman?

This shit here is just like your morning show The Spew.

There’s no people prevailing

There’s no social justice

It’s just fatties bashing men and the system they don’t like


Your own comments you addled sow.


One of the things I noticed more about you retarded liberals here on these forums is how quickly you resort to insulting my country, contrary to all the anti-xenophobia and other politically correct garbage you losers love so much.

And I don’t expect a hypocritical ignoramus like you to understand that a country that’s bigger than the continental US is bound to have many good places for people to live in.


If you had a brain you’d understand why. But you don’t.


You’re not even trying anymore, are you?

It’s just some canned generic low insult and another gulp on the soda bottle



No, I don’t owe you any explanations. I just laugh at you, angry little man.


Angry? HAH
I’m seeing the left being demolished and pulverized in the biggest political showdown that this country has ever witnessed

This is being one of the greatest years in my life, actually.


Wow, that’s just pathetic.


You keep insulting me. It doesn’t matter. I smile as I type.


Of course you do, I’m probably the best looking guy that will ever bother to send some words towards you