This one simple ingredient will turn your covered dish from dullsville to dynamite!



Make Potlucks Great Again.


Why do they put “mild” on the bottle?


So as to not frighten the white people.


Tons of hits on how to make it


Sounds nasty.


I would have hesitatered before trying such a product


I’ve never ever heard anyone say… man I sure miss that potato sauce stuff they used to have…


There are lots of hits on how to make it


A real mash-up?


Not sure how you’re getting “tons of hits” out of that. :slight_smile:


only 148 million


That’s how many results Google drags up not how many hits it gets… On the first page there’s only one recipe that actually refers to the Potato Sauce type shit in the OP and it’s from some fucking Paula Dean cookbook. The rest of the matches are for stuff like herbed potatoes with garlic sauce…



Yer a nit picker


The devil’s in the details, at least I told you before you started up a potato sauce company to satisfy the high demand. :stuck_out_tongue: