This Socks (aka the Serious Coronavirus thread)


Sorry, humor in a serious thread. :grimacing:




You beat me to it! Dammit!



And only 6 days later, we have 50% more than Italy!





And… we’ve doubled in the last 9 days.


Re: we should let other people’s grannys die to open the markets:

(full disclosure it wasn’t him but someone using a parody account on Twitter)


yoinked and scattered.




A gal pal 'splained it to me that it isn’t the virus that kills us, it’s the body going into next level battle stations trying to kill the virus or drive it from the body…that does us in.


My cousin I mentioned is still up and down with fevers, loss smell and taste…she feels ok for a day or two then sick again…though not as bad as a week or so ago.


I’m official!


ya gots your stripes? Congrats!


That does sock! I’d hate to think that guy pulled you out of that fiery mess only to have you get kilt by some passing libertardian who thought social distancing was teh tyranny.


You will be fine. Just hold your breath.

Now you can do some good.

Thank You For Your Service…in advance.:grin:


Fookin libertards


The Earth is trying to heal, which gives me hope that when we extinct ourselves, the Earth will heal itself.


I’m confused, so why do all those tree huggin libtards want us to reduce carbon emmissions?