This Socks (aka the Serious Coronavirus thread)


Word on the street is Governor Kate will launch the clamp down on Monday.

Warrenton on the Northwest Corner of Oregon, just so of Astoria at the Mouth of the Columbia


Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.


I read online that as a Libertarian, Rand plans to set himself out to Sea on an ice floe.



I guess I didn’t know this.

Makes it even more ha ha


Friend at work has been really sick, for a couple weeks now, she missed yesterday, then today she texted me for a ride to work and said she could hardly breathe yesterday. I had to tell her no that she totally needs to get to the ER today.


so I’ve probably been exposed


Fuck drink shitloads of water stay off the pot smoke, overdose on vitamins and shit, not sure what else you can do other than to wait and see.


sounds good except the pot thing


coconut oil tinctures or better yet if you can find a thc syrup,

This is what I have tried, loved it, 2 snaps up, don’t over do it, you can easily get overdowd on it, just a level tea spoon or even under a see what you level is, you may need more or less than me, and it is fasting acting for an edible, especially if you leave it in your mouth and let it do the sublingual injection thing

This my Syrup, there are many like it, but this one is mine!

if you do a full teaspoon per injection, that makes for about 30 doses. most places list it at 72 but often have discount times or days, and up here most places discount for veterans, I have only had one budtender ask me to prove my vet status.they are programmed mostly to be slightly nicer to us vets, tyfys etc.


Well one of the factors is smoking, so maybe stick to edibles and hope, I guess


Loss of taste or smell can be an early sign of Covid-9 infection.




Hang on tight Friends, lots of pundits, saying this week it may start getting really ugly.


45 calls out Pritzker and gets smacked down


Not sure if this should be in the happy or so serious.


Good results are also serious. I will allow it here.


Well, the more you test, the more positives come up. We were probably already there but are having a harder time keeping our heads in the sand.


I am getting cussed out on community pages for simply suggesting fear and loathing may not be the best response, in a neighborly way even.


By the same people who are saying the media are playing this up for sensationalism, I bet.