Time to go to salvage, Lee



The douche nozzle that invented the rebate. “Buy a Car, get a Check”


Good riddance

In 1971, Lee Iacocca, who was the president of the Ford Motor Company at the time, was heard on President Nixon’s secret taping system complaining about the planned introduction of shoulder belts and headrests, calling them “complete wastes of money.” He added: “We are on a downhill slide the likes of which we have never seen in our business.”


Lee was from Allentown


I appreciated his work on the Statue of Liberty restoration project.

Even so, after 94 years he’s ready for the crusher.


Two of my neighbors were immolated in a rear end collision shortly after their retirement:

The subcompact Pinto, introduced in 1971, was a blot on Ford’s record in the Iacocca era. A raft of lawsuits alleged that a flawed design made the car susceptible to fuel-tank fires if struck in a rear-end collision. Ford recalled 1.5 million of the cars in 1978.""


That sucks - I had a 74 I bought new - they had a fix I got but same thing basically


Well duh, why do you think mine was matte primer black with KARVOKIA painted in dripping blood red down the sides?