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  1. A girl is said to be grown up when she starts wearing a bra. A boy is grown up when he starts removing it.

  2. We all love to spend money buying new clothes, but we never realize that the best moments in life are enjoyed without clothes.

  3. Having a cold drink on hot day with a few friends is nice but having a hot friend on a cold night after a few drinks – PRICELESS.

  4. Breaking News: Condoms don’t guarantee safe sex anymore. A friend of mine was wearing one when he was shot dead by the woman’s husband.

  5. Arguing over a girl’s bust size is like choosing between Molson, Heineken, Coors & Budweiser. Men may state their preferences but will grab whatever is available.












I don’t get it


The interviewee is a PREfectionist. He meant PERfectionist, but he missed his own typo, calling into question his perfectionism.


OK thanks

duh fer me


Nah, no duh. I often don’t know what the hell people are talking about in some threads.


Yeah, but I even googed the spelling and did not notice cause it is a valid word

I just checked the spellin



(No offense to PTSD people, my chuckle was about the intensity of some gamers for their game)




^^^ Is there definitive science? I think chemtrails have a cult following just as 9/11 theories do.