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Yes, there is. It’s called physical chemistry.


Okay, and what does it say?


Planes burn jet fuels and release carbon dioxide and water vapor (typically hot) and it’s released into very high altitudes - typically cold. Condensation become exhaust…like what the fuck comes out of the tail pipe in a car during cold weather.

Fucking eh, this is basic science.


Yes, but your basic science has a harder time explaining nuances in contrails, nuances that are often pointed out as showing that some contrails are just contrails but others are evil chemtrails.

However, just to aggravate @Billdo I’ll dig up some of the science I had in mind and post it here. In this German study, it is shown that some jet engines are more efficient than others and have a cooler exhaust temperature.


I’d like some hard science that proves that someone is trying to poison us out of the sky and for what specific reason?

Like human beings don’t do enough fucked up shit already?. What purpose would it serve?

Ending the “gay plague”? Can anyone give me a logical explanation?







You’re screwed bro.



I can up the ante



Maybe not “funny” but I thought it was cute, She meets her famous meme.


Who said it was to poison people - not I - it cud be weather control or whatever

Anyone who thinks they are caused by commercial or military aviation has a screw loose


Weather control or whatever

And people that understand heat and cold and altitude have loose screws.







Here we go again It’s Pool Party Paula.




Yeah this is fucking normal - LMAO @ that



What’s that, the sky over O’Hare?