Todays Funny


Seriously, you do not see contrail patterns like that in the Yukon, or west Texas.


I seen a lot that ain’t normal -

why don’t the two of you look up now and then and get back to me


I never saw that in person in the SF bay area


We don’t know what that’s from. No citation whatsoever.


I don’t know where it’s from - all I know is that it happens - look up -

and planes do not fly to where they are going - they do not go directly to the end point, so that means when you look they shud not be all willy nilly


Look up* lol






Used to watch it every time it was on





Close, mine had one of those big race car blower motors in it.



When life hands you demons, make demon aid.


As a retiree I had a serious amount of spare time on my hands.
I decided to take a part time job.
They said I had to take a drug test, so Okay I went to the clinic.
I showed up for work but they said they wouldn’t hire me, … I had opiates in my blood test.
I told them it was probably the poppy seeds from my morning bagel.
So they asked what about the THC, the methamphetamine, and codeine in your blood.
Duh! I said, it was an everything bagel.