Told ya! Elon Musk: About 150,000 orders thus far for Tesla Cybertruck



150k stupid motherfuckers with no taste in the US?




As we were fond of saying in the car biz, “There is an ass for every seat”


The car is a copy of one out of one of them crazy movies

his scheme worked - a trillion dollars of free adv



Two trillion in free adv if you count that space ship of his blowing up. LOL


You’ll have that.


I want one.
It’s not a beauty queen.

Brute work truck


fugly batmobile

I like American pick ups…none better.


It is an American pickup truck


That’s one way to look at it if you’re a communist.


:man_facepalming:t2: between Fords being manufactured in Mexico, which means they’re a Mexican truck, and Chevy being made in the US, Mexico, and Canada… meanwhile all Teslas are made in the US.

So if you’re saying it’s communistic to look at an American truck as being American?


Yes, I am.


We knew you were stupid.



Of course I am.

I’m stupid and you’re an intellect.


I would buy a car made by fucking ISIS b4 one made by the fucking UAW


I’m fine with buying a Corvette, or even some of the Hyundais, Toyotas etc. As long as it’s built in the US.


In our modern enlightenment we mock at those who came before us, their pantheons of petty striving deities with more power than sense.
Perhaps rightly so, nonetheless sometimes I walk outside in the morning and in raising my head and taking a breath I swear I can see Entropy shake her fist at me.





73 trillion in free advertising - LMAO - a fucking genius


How much have his space ship sales increased?